The Company

Red Arrow Int'l Employment Inc. is a new recruitment agency formed by five incorporators / Stockholders and an experienced and well-trained staff on October 2017.

The board of directors believes that the recruitment agency is not just a manpower supply service. But, it is a large human resources services that will help every Filipino worker and strengthen the Philippine economy.

The three members of the board, President, Treasurer and Corporate secretary are family related who are gathering diagnostic information and establishing the focus of the business. While the two members of the board were a former OFW for decades. With their personal credibility and experience. It helps the company to build collaborative relationships with others inside or outside the organization.

The company abides the Philippine law with the certificate and license provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to provide services to OFW.

"Our Vision"

Red Arrow Int'l Employment Inc. aims to be one of the most leading Overseas manpower supplier agencies in the Philippines.

"Our Mission"

Red Arrow Int'l Employment Inc. major mission is to build collaborative relationships with our foreign principals and employers, applicants, and the Philippine Government.

To ensure the highest level of competency and be one of the most trusted names in supplying manpower overseas of the Philippines, Red Arrow vows to:

1. Recruit and supply highly potential qualified workers to our valued clients by pre-screening and shortlist applicants to be forward to the foreign principal and employer.

2. Requiring the employers to conduct whether an online or personal and actual interview to the qualified candidates.

3. Make sure that the maximum benefits of the Overseas Filipino Workers such as salary offer, accommodation, transportation, food allowance, and other non-wage benefits will be part of the Job Offer.

4. Conduct pre-departure orientation to the workers for reminders and assistance of their rights as OFWs.

5. Conduct on-site support services to check the status and welfare of the deployed OFWs if the employers sincerely given their obligations and employment contracts to the worker.


Provisional License

Date of Issuance: 12 September 2018


SEC Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation


We are certified to appropriately select and deploy persons who intend to engage as technical interns under the TITP in Japan